Confused About the Wireless Vibration Sensor Options Available in the Market? Keep in Mind These Key Aspects to Make the Right Choice.

There are various types and brands of wireless vibration sensors in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market. The increased number of wireless sensor options with different properties have brought complexity to potential customers. This text aims to present an overview of the wireless vibration sensors and make it easier for the reader to perform market research and ask the right questions to make the right decisions.

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Case History – Online Monitoring of Induced Draft Air Fans in the Cement Industry

Induced draft (ID) air fans are critical assets in the cement industry for the continuous operation of the rotary kilns. ID fans handle hot flue gases and discharge them into the atmosphere through a chimney. The dust and dirt in the environment cause build-up material on the fan blades. Studies show that the main factors affecting the rate of build-up accumulation are flue gas temperature, fan speed, blade design and dust’s moisture content.

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Cement Plant

Case History – Acceleration Enveloping for Early Malfunction Diagnosis of an Electrical Motor Bearing

Acceleration enveloping is an analysis method for the early detection of malfunctions that generate repetitive impacts due to metal-to-metal contact. The method is commonly used to diagnose developing bearing and gear faults. This text aims to demonstrate the benefits of acceleration enveloping by using real-life machinery data. Interested readers may refer to the white papers and articles available online to get more details about the technical background of acceleration enveloping. An important point that needs to be highlighted is that the vibration velocity and enveloped acceleration data are not alternative to each other but complementary for successful machinery diagnostics. As the enveloped acceleration data is adopted for the early detection of bearings and gear faults, vibration velocity is useful to detect various malfunctions over a wide range of machinery operating speeds.

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Nine Key Points to Execute a Successful Online Diagnostics Project

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) finds many application fields today in the industry by connecting assets to each other, gathering data, and transferring it to other internet-enabled systems. One area that is transformed significantly with IIoT technologies is predictive maintenance, which is a technique to predict when an asset might fail by analyzing the parameters related to the asset’s health status. Compared with conventional preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance offers minimized unplanned downtimes and reduced maintenance costs for critical assets, such as gearboxes, pumps, fans, and electrical motors.

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Case History – Minimized Maintenance Man-hours with Remote Diagnostics

Goptapa Bazian Water Supply Project in Sulaymaniyah – Iraq is a major investment owned by Mass Group Holding and Qaiwan Company – two leading industrial groups in the region. With the project, process water is conveyed from river to five big industrial facilities by three pump stations and a water treatment plant. Each pump station has five medium voltage electric motors and five double suction multi-stage centrifugal water pumps, which are critical for the operation of industrial facilities. PdMechanics provides remote condition monitoring and diagnostics services to the project.

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