Goptapa Bazian Water Supply Project in Sulaymaniyah – Iraq is a significant investment owned by Mass Group Holding and Qaiwan Company – two leading industrial groups in the region. Process water is conveyed from the river to five large industrial facilities by three pump stations and a water treatment plant in the project. Each pump station has five medium voltage electric motors, and five double suction multistage centrifugal water pumps critical for industrial facilities’ operation.

PdMechanics provides remote condition monitoring and diagnostics services to the project. Vibration data of the pumps and electrical motors are uploaded to the cloud and monitored by PdMechanics Remote Diagnostics Center. By using predictive analytics and diagnostics tools, PdMechanics continuously analyzes pump and motor data, evaluates the assets’ health condition, and provides maintenance recommendations.

Monitoring overall vibration value was not enough for an effective maintenance program” says Gendal Entel, project’s Operation Manager. “At the site, it was taking days for us to diagnose the root cause of excessive vibration. Determining the root cause may be a challenge, especially for the facilities like us, located in a remote geography. For instance, if you suspect a bent shaft, the nearest workshop for its measurement is hundreds of kilometers away. We decided to move from standard condition monitoring systems, which raise alarm flags to diagnostics systems to determine what-to-do before an asset is down for maintenance.”

PdMechanics met customer’s concerns about maintenance efficiency by providing a turn-key solution covering edge devices, cloud platform, and engineering diagnostics services. We make life easier at the site.” says Can Uslu from PdMechanics, “Maintenance costs reduced significantly with our continuous monitoring and diagnostics services. Recently, we diagnosed a structural looseness in a pump, which was immediately repaired by the maintenance team in a day. Without the diagnostic tools, the pump would be disassembled to check the inner components, and it could take days to diagnose the issue. 

PdMechanics has been providing remote diagnostic services to the project since March 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic with no interruption at all. Hundreds of maintenance working hours have been saved already with maintenance feedbacks. The operation significantly benefits PdMechanics’ diagnostics service by preventing unexpected failures and minimizing maintenance costs.

  • Post published:October 5, 2020
  • Post last modified:March 14, 2022