Machine Health

Condition Monitoring

Machines like to talk about themselves. 

With its edge computing capabilities, PdMechanics 24/7 monitors vibration, temperature, process and ambient data. 

Anomaly Detection and Risk Scoring

Advanced analytics for early fault detection. 

PdMechanics algorithms extract key features from the collected data, monitor their trends, and detect deviations from baseline condition, which may indicate a developing malfunction. Machine health indices are calculated and online displayed. 

Predictive Maintenance


Where theory and experience merge. 

At site, diagnosing a malfunction can be exhausting. PdMechanics’ experienced engineers use advanced analytics to diagnose a developing malfunction and provide maintenance recommendations. 

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Remaining useful life calculations.

Based on trend analysis and maintenance history, asset remaining useful life is predicted for optimum maintenance scheduling.



✓   Increased asset uptime

✓   Longer asset lifetime

✓   Smooth maintenance organizations

✓   Minimized maintenance costs

✓   Safer working environment

✓   Cost effectiveness compared to an in-house predictive maintenance program