Remote Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics Center

WHY PdMechanics ?

Remote condition monitoring and diagnostics require a multi-disciplinary approach.  PdMechanics team consists of engineers experienced in industrial facility operation, predictive maintenance, data analysis, and machinery diagnostics. We combine our hands-on operation and maintenance experience with advanced analytics to provide accurate predictions and increase reliability.   

Increased Production

PdMechanics uses advanced analytics, asset and process data to detect machinery faults at early stage and minimize unplanned downtime.

Reduced Costs

Our diagnostics with over 85% accuracy enable optimum maintenance plannings, increase asset life, reduce operations and maintenance costs. 

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Remote Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics

Concrete is the second most widely consumed material in the world after water. In an environment of growing competition, the cement industry is looking at ways to improve operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Records indicate that most of the production losses in cement plants are related to the failures of heavy rotating machines installed in the open environment, such as crushers, mills and kilns. PdMechanics, with its industry-specific experience, provides remote condition monitoring and diagnostics services to cement plants and increases operational reliability.


Predictive Maintenance, Kestirimci Bakım

Pumps, fans, motors and gearboxes are the common critical assets in the metal industry. Besides the significant financial losses due to asset downtimes, the asset performance deterioration yields end-product quality issues. Industry-specific critical assets such as electric arc furnaces with turrent bearings and production cranes require specific monitoring and analytics capabilities to evaluate asset health conditions and detect developing faults. PdMechanics provides industry-specific remote condition monitoring and diagnostics services for the metal plants to gain insight from the asset data. 


Predictive Maintenance, Kestirimci Bakım

Public utility and private companies in the water sector have numerous remotely located pump stations that supply water for industrial, commercial, irrigation and public purposes. Tracking the remote assets’ health condition in a centralized manner and increasing the maintenance efficiency is a challenge for the sector. PdMechanics monitors the health status of remote electrical motors, pumps, compressors in a centralized way and provides diagnostics feedbacks to site teams to minimize maintenance costs and extend asset lifetimes.   


Predictive Maintenance, Kestirimci Bakım

The high operation costs and the financial risks of unplanned downtimes push power plants to look at ways to increase operational reliability. As in many other industries, one of the significant obstacles in adapting the Industry 4.0 predictive maintenance technologies is the lack of adequate in-house resources to initiate and sustain an effective predictive maintenance program. PdMechanics provides cost-effective plant-wide remote condition monitoring and diagnostics services for power plants’ critical assets.