How It Works

PdMechanics, as a remote condition monitoring and diagnostics engineering company, implements “SKF Multilog On-line” and “ABB Ability Smart” systems for its remote condition monitoring and diagnostics services.


Monitored Data

  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Shaft Speed
  • Process Parameters
  • Ambient Parameters
  • Power and Grid Frequency

PdMechanics Workflow

Continuous Condition Monitoring

Machines like to talk about themselves. 

With its edge computing capabilities, PdMechanics continuously analyze asset condition parameters against any fault initiation.

Fault Detection

Advanced analytics tools for early fault detection. 

PdMechanics algorithms continuously analyze asset data, extract key features, monitor their trend and detect anomalies against asset’s baseline condition.


Fault is diagnosed before asset is outaged for maintenance. 

At site, finding the root cause of a fault can be exhausting. PdMechanics’ experienced engineers provide detailed reports about the emerging fault, its root cause and recommended maintenance actions.


Remaining useful life calculations.

Based on trend analysis and asset data history, asset’s remaining useful life is predicted for optimum maintenance scheduling.


✓   Increased asset uptime 

✓   Longer asset lifetime

✓   Smooth maintenance organizations

✓   Minimized maintenance costs

✓   Safer working environment

✓  Cost effectiveness compared to an in-house  predictive maintenance program